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Welcome to Pittsburgh Veterinary Cardiology!

Pittsburgh Veterinary Cardiology would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your beloved pet. We realize that the initial visit to a veterinary cardiologist and a potential diagnosis of heart disease can be frightening, and we hope to provide you with all of the information you need to make sure your four legged family member is living the best life possible. By the end of the visit we will be able to provide you with many answers to the questions you probably have, and along with your primary care veterinarian, we will serve to be a part of your pet’s health care team. Below are some tips to try to make your first visit as stress free as possible.

Please fill out the new client registration form on our website or print the PDF and bring it with you to your visit.  Please ask that your primary care veterinarian/clinic forward your pet’s medical records and any laboratory and radiographs to our office. If they are unable to email this information please pick up the records and/or labs/radiographs and bring them with you to the visit. This will save valuable time and allow us to spend more time directly with you during your scheduled appointment.

Additionally, please bring your pet’s medications with you. This will allow us to verify dosages and assess response. Please give all medications as directed by your primary care veterinarian. Because sedation is NOT typically employed during a cardiology visit, your pet is free to eat and drink normally.

Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so we can confirm all of your information and review your records. You should plan on spending between 60-90 minutes for your initial appointment. This visit is usually the longest and subsequent visits are usually no longer than 30-45 minutes depending on what tests need to be performed. We also offer drop off recheck visits for those who cannot take off work and their pet requires more frequent rechecks.

During an initial visit you can expect that your pet will have several tests performed. Although we strive to not repeat any testing that has been recently performed by your primary care veterinarian, there are instances where repeating tests is necessary to assess the response to certain medications and prior to making medication adjustments. The testing we perform is non-invasive and should not cause your pet any discomfort. We recognize that any new experience can be stressful, but rest assured that we strive to provide as comfortable an environment as possible for our patients. Although you cannot be present for the actual diagnostic testing, your pet will be comforted by a skilled set of nurses trained in gentle restraint to keep your pet calm. For more information on the various tests, feel free to browse the information under "services" --> "cardiology procedures."

A general financial estimate will be provided to you by our scheduling coordinators at the time of scheduling and this estimate includes the initial visit and anticipated tests based on the information we receive from your primary care veterinarian. If, at the time of the appointment, we expect to exceed the estimate given we will discuss this with you at the time of your visit and will not perform any testing without your consent. Payment is expected at time of service. If you have any questions about your estimate or bill please speak directly with Veronica or Kerri.

**Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we ask that you let us know 48 hours in advance in order for us to assist another patient in need.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet!